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Best Pediatrician and Child Specialist in Noida & Delhi

Child health is one of the prominent issues you cannot afford to compromise with. In fact your kid, who forms to be the apple of your eye, always demands the best degree of care and attention. Realizing your special area of concern for the little life, we at Nidan Child Care accommodate at our platform the best pediatrician in Noida & Delhi. Our paediatrician with his versatile expertise and seasoned experiences is equipped with all the skills pertaining to child health. With his knowledge and guidance, your child at Nidan Child Care is always on the road to secure a better health for your little one.

Dr Rajeev Ranjan

Dr Rajeev Ranjan

M.D. (Hons), DCH (Mumbai) FCH,MCH (Delhi) GOLD MEDALIST

Senior Consultant Neonatologist & Pediatrician

Dr Rajeev Ranjan is a senior Neonatologist & Pediatrician in Noida with 16 years of experience. He is  internationally trained Pediatrician with working experience in many prestigious hospitals. Currently he is associated with MAX Hospital Noida as senior consultant.

At Nidan Mother And Child Care he has expertise of Newborn, Growth & Development, Allergic & Pediatric Asthma (Pulmonologist). He does Immunisation (Vaccination) with extra care and lot of growth assesment. LOGO of his working place is “WE CARE AND CURE”

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Dr Manisha Ranjan

Dr Manisha Ranjan

MBBS (Hons), D.G.O. (Mumbai)

Senior Consultant Obstetrician & Gynecologist

Dr Manisha Ranjan is a Senior Consultant Obstetrician & Gynaecologist at Max Hospital Noida and Nidan Mother and Child Care. She has 15 years of experience with many prestigious Hospitals. She topped RSBY project in INDIA and delivered once 5000 babies normal and conducted once 7000 major operations including Hysterectomy.

At Nidan Mother And Child Care she takes up all ANC with every high risk patient including PCOD and has experience to get normal delivery. She is available 24 x 7, easily accessible over phone. she has been awarded on several occasions for her contribution in Obstetrics & Gynecology field.

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What Makes Us Best Child Specialist in Noida?

When you are searching for the best paediatrician in Noida & Delhi, our Nidan Child Care can definitely prove to be the best destination. The sole reason that makes our neonatologists the best in Noida and Ghaziabad areas are:

The Years of Potential Experience:

Our Neonatologist in Noida services boast of prolonged years of profound experience. We understand that when it is a matter of your child health, there should be no avenues for risk and thus we have always maintained to the expected standards through our seasoned team of neonatologists.

Potential Proficiency:

The child specialist in Noida from Nidan Child Care services hold marked expertise in their fields that make them approachable. With their plethora of proficiency over the most intricate issues of child health, they ensure that your little one always enjoys a healthy existence.

Professional Approach with Professional Care:

Nidan Child Care is indeed a home to the best neonatologist in Noida & Delhi services, considering the fact, that all paediatricians here inculcate in their treatments a personal attitude. Their personal supervision over every child makes them more approachable for the parents and wins the confidence of the little patients.

Doctors for All Ages:

Though paediatrician and neonatologist often converge the same meaning, however a neonatologist is more oriented to take care of infants. Nidan Child Care is a home to both neonatologists and child specialists, assuring that every sort of child health (0 to 16 years) needs are fulfilled without a compromise.

Punctual Vaccinations and Health Check Ups:

The child specialist in Noida services from Nidan Health Care are oriented to gift your children the best of sustainability and therefore with tracked health records, the doctors also takes care of required vaccinations and health check-ups.

With Nidan Child Care child health specialists by your side, your child definitely shares a prosperous healthy future, in the coming years.

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