Normally, the Caesarean surgery is considered a life-saving action if the mother faces severe complication during the childbirth. At that time, the C-section surgery is the last resort left for the gynecologist. According to the best lady gynecologist in Noida, Caesarian surgery is advised only in a few pregnancy cases. However, the private hospitals perform the C-surgery unnecessary in order to loot people. Through C-section surgery, mother, as well as the child, is exposed to danger. Due to such improper medical practices, the rate of the Caesarian surgery has risen to 64%. The rate will keep increasing if proper measures are not taken.

Besides relying on the obstetrician completely, the couple should investigate the nature of child delivery from other gynecologists too. By scrutinizing both the delivery modes, the couple will get a concise idea which child delivery mode is safe and causes less complication in the post-partum period.

For better understanding, here is the list of indications that can help you decide whether you need C-section surgery or not.

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1. Cord around the Neck Of The Child

Commonly, parents are worried that their child may not get cord around the neck. Owing to this, they opt for C-section surgery as fewer quacks mislead them stating that propensity of nuchal cord decrements in the surgery. However, this is not true as the best gynecologist in Noida state that nuchal cord is common. The nuchal cord can easily be detached after the childbirth and it does not cause any negative impact on the child. Thus, choosing normal delivery is imperative for the couple unless the mother can face complication.

2. Breech Presentation is Crucial

The breech presentation mainly occurs when the posture of the baby changes during pregnancy. Usually, the head of the child should be downward whereas the legs should be upward. However, at times, this posture changes due to unknown reasons. Variations in the posture are natural as the best lady gynecologist in Noida states that the child keeps moving or rotating in the womb. If the variation in the child’s posture is drastic then the mother should perform C-section surgery. In this condition, the mother is advised taking normal delivery instead of surgical.

3. Former Cesarean Surgery

If a woman has had a cesarean surgery in the past, then it is not necessary that she will have C-section surgery in next delivery as well. Through proper care and medications, the mother can have a vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC). For it, the mother should visit the best gynecologist in Noida and confer her case with the gynecologist. The gynecologist will give her good suggestion and even, recommend a good hospital for the normal delivery.

4. Risk of GDM

GDM stands for Gestational Diabetes Mellitus. This condition mainly occurs in the second half of the pregnancy period. The condition turns the pregnancy slightly critical as a result the obstetrician suggests taking C-section surgery. However, it is necessary to choose a surgical delivery as the best lady gynecologist in Noida advises the mother to try normal delivery. According to the gynecologist, the mothers can give birth to bigger babies through normal delivery as well.

5. Third-degree Perineal Tear

Normally, the perineal tear occurs during or after the gestation period. The tears become severe along the complication and thus, it becomes difficult to recover. To increment the tear recovery process, the mother should choose vaginal birth. According to the medical institution, Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (RCOG), 3 to 4-degree tear occurs less in women who give birth through the vagina. The study asserts that pregnant women can easily recover from the tears in a short span of time.

6. Short-Heightened Women

It is a general perception that short heightened women are likely to have C-section delivery. The notion is not true as the C-section delivery is advised in fewer cases only. The short heightened women can easily have the normal delivery. For that, they need to consult the best lady gynecologist in Noida. After examining the position of the baby and mother’s health, the gynecologist will suggest the best mode of the delivery to mother.

Consider the above-mentioned indications before choosing any mode of the child delivery. For more information, visit Nidan childcare center. The childcare center is renowned for providing good quality services.