In developing country like India, people are not aware of the latest inventions and modifications that are prevalent worldwide. Likewise, common folks are also unaware of the medical advancements that facilitate the dream of becoming parents. These advancements assist the married duos to realize their dream. Amid the latest developments, IVF is well-known to the infertile couples who can’t bore a child because of some medical complications. IVF is not merely an acronym but a significant way to attain fruition.

In today’s scenario, couples face various struggles while conceiving a child. These challenges are faced because of their poor lifestyle, sex life and habits. As a result, one of the partner or in some cases, both the partners turn sterile.

Infertility treatment

To resolve the reproductive issues, they visit infertility treatment centre in Noida for consulting specialists. Many couples’ issues are resolved at infertility centres. However, they are a few handfuls who can’t attain a solution. For them, IVF is the last resort. IVF is the option meant for those women who are unable to conceive by any means. To know what IVF is, then read below.

Definition of IVF

IVF stands for In Vitro Fertilization, which is one of the most successful fertility treatments. It is beneficial for the couples who are facing problems in fertilization. The treatment is so effective that various infertility treatment centres in Noida are offering it now.

The entire treatment is divided into four categories that are:

1. Removal of eggs through fertility medication.

2. Taking out eggs for the ovary.

3. Fertilization of the eggs in the medical laboratory.

4. Placing the embryos in the uterus.

To demystify IVF in a broader sense, then here is the step-by-step procedure of it.

Step-By-Step Procedure of IVF

IVF is not only about removing eggs and placing it in uterus. The process is more complicated as compared to other fertility treatments. Mainly, people don’t know about it and hence, take the help of the internet to know what IVF is. However, a precise and concise idea can’t be gained without inquiring fertility specialists. In many cases, the couples deter from knowing about it and refrain from availing it. To help them out, here is the detailed procedure of IVF.

Infertility Treatment Centre

1. Firstly, it is essential for the couple to demystify exact IVF process. Besides the process, the couple should also inform their family and closed ones about IVF treatment. Approval of family and both the partners is significant as the assistance of family is needed in the gestation period.

2. Initially, the fertility specialists in infertility treatment centers in Noida prescribe woman to consume birth control pills for 2 to 3 weeks. These pills are mainly consumed to avert the release of hormones. This stoppage, later on, causes natural ovulation in the female.

3. As the menstrual bleeding starts, the doctor asks the woman to visit infertility center in Noida for the appointment. On the first day, blood test of the woman is taken and on the third or fifth day, ovaries are assessed. If all tests come positive then FSH hormone injections are introduced into the female anatomy to increment the growth of egg follicles.

4. The blood test and ultrasounds are repeated several times during the menstrual cycle. These tests are mainly done to measure follicle growth and check the levels of hormone. After inspecting these tests and hormone levels, the doctors increase or decrease FSH dose appropriately.

5. The main reason of carrying out this process is that it regulates egg from ripening. Besides this, it increments the possibilities of growing eggs by manifold.

6. When the follicles reach a definite size, then HCG injection is introduced to perform the final step of maturation. Once the injection is injected, after 36 hours eggs are gathered.

7. To retract the eggs, the woman has to visit infertility center in Noida. In the infertility center, doctors insert an ultrasound probe in the vagina. The probe aids them to remove eggs from follicles. During this procedure, the patient is under sedation for 15 to 30 minutes. In the entire process, the female may receive cramps, vaginal discharge and small amount of bleeding. After removing the eggs, the patient is surveilled for a few hours and then, sent home.

While discharging them, the doctor in infertility treatment center in Noida recommends the patient to take rest for a day so, she can recover from bad effects of anesthesia.

This detailed procedure assists in demystifying the process of IVF. After gaining the knowledge about IVF, a couple can opt for IVF treatment unhesitatingly. It is suggested that the couple should visit Nidan child care centre. Besides catering services in the childcare sector, Nidan Child care centre treats fertility issues for the couples as well.