Today, mothers are aware that breastfeeding is very important for babies. In the tender stage of infancy, nothing can be as nutritious as the breast milk. At the birth of a newly born baby, the best gynecologist in Noida explains the importance of breast feeding to mothers, and accordingly, mothers follow suggestions of the gynecologist. However, there are some situations when they can’t feed babies with breast milk and have to start bottle feeding. Bottle feeding is an apt substitute for breastfeeding. Like breast milk, the cow milk is also good for babies. It provides the same amount of nourishment as breast milk does. Hence, the mothers can adopt it as the child grows old.

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However, there are certain things that mother should consider during bottle-feeding babies. One of the most important things is the child’s hunger cues. Before bottle feeding, it is essential to watch hunger cues of the infant. According to the best lady gynecologist in Noida, the bottle-feeding should be given in a suitable quantity. More or less flow of milk can affect the baby’s health, therefore, consult gynecologist to know the right amount of milk that should be fed to the child. In addition to it, prevent poor bottle-feed signs such as guzzling, catch-up breaths or dripping milk from the sides of the mouth or down the chin. Other than this, there are various other tips that mothers should follow while bottle feeding their babies. Some of the tips are mentioned below.

1. Choose the Right Type of Bottle and Nipples for the Baby

Varied ranges of feeding bottles are available in the market. Some of the common types are tapered bottle, waisted bottle and a disposable bottle. Amid this vast range, one can easily choose a feeding bottle for the baby. However, one should buy BPA free bottles only as these bottles prevent the child from the harmful effects of the plastic, which is consisted in the feeding bottles. Therefore, purchase a BPA free bottle for the child. The glass bottles are also available in the market, but the child should not be fed with it, without consulting the best gynaecologist in Noida.

After acquiring a feeding bottle, the next purchase should be of nipples. Like the feeding bottle, there is not a vast array of nipples found in the market. Commonly, there are just two types of nipples, i.e. Latex and silicon. Latex nipples are very soft but sometimes, cause rashes in the children, whereas silicon nipples remain firm and intact in the shape. Therefore, purchase silicon nipples for the baby.

2. Wash the Bottles and Nipples Regularly

After bottle feeding the child, wash the bottle and teat immediately. Mothers should adopt this practice into their daily lives. According to the best lady gynecologist in Noida, mothers should rigorously scrub the bottle inside and outside to prevent contamination. Besides this, they should dip the bottle and the teat into warm water to wash off the remaining soap particles.

3. Sterilize the Bottle and Teat

Due to the bottle feeding, there is a high grown risk of gastrointestinal infections among infants. To minimize or reduce its effect, the bottle and teat should be sterilized before use. Through sterilization, the bottle and teat will be thoroughly cleaned and apt for feeding. Adopt this practice for other things also, which come in contact with the baby.

Sterilization is not an easy process. To do it, one needs to have a sterilizing tank and steamer. Moreover, one should wash hands properly before holding the equipment. Sterilization is a little complex process, one should have proper knowledge about it and its application. Here are the sterilization tips that serve right information to the mothers.

Sterilizing tips that every mother should know

1. To use the sterilization fluid properly, put all the feeding equipment in a large and clean container for sterilization.

2. There are two methods for sterilization, i.e. steam method and steam sterilizer. In the steam method, wash all the feeding equipment and put them in a pot. Then, turn on the gas stove, place the pot on the stove and boil the pot of 10 minutes to sterilize it properly, whereas in the steam sterilizer, keep all equipment into the sterilizer after washing. The steam sterilizer will quickly destroy bacteria that are present on the equipment.

3. There is also another way of sterilization; under it, equipment can be sterilized in the microwave by using a special steam unit. This way is as effective as the other two are.

The newly born baby should be fed more than the grown-up children. Therefore, sterilize the feeding equipment before use and keep 4 to 6 bottles for the child.

The above-mentioned tips are bottle feeding tips only, there are plenty other tips for babies. To know more bottle feeding tips visit Nidan Childcare. The clinic provides the best lady gynecologist in Noida. Their medical services are one of the best in the town and have treated many health problems.