The child birth is an eminent time in a mother’s life. The moment not only bestows the joy of receiving a baby, but also alerts a woman’s body completely. Various serious changes undergo a mother’s body while bearing the child. Mostly, the mother’s body become dormant momentarily and thus, does not response to external stimuli much. To boost it, medications and healthy nutrients are supplied to the mother. These supplements are rendered, either through glucose drips or feeding solid food directly. These supplements also help strengthen the body in the postpartum period.

Usually, postnatal period is really difficult for mothers as they have to struggle with heavy weight and various other postpartum complications. Initially, nourishing the child is most significant for mothers. As a result, they can’t opt for dieting or other weight reducing formulas. A sole option that is left to them, is prenatal exercises. Women should consult a good gynecologist in Noida, before proceeding these exercises. The gynecologist help know if the mother could bear these exercises and other things pertaining to mother’s health.

Good Gynaecologist in Noida

After childbirth, generally, many sudden changes undergo a mother’s body and its gynecologist who helps to tackle those problems. If you are a first-time mother, then you must be unaware of these problems. To help you apprehend the severity of a problem, here is the list of the prenatal complications.

1. Excessive Bleeding Of Vagina

During childbirth, vaginal bleeding is normal in mothers. If there is heavy bleeding, then the situation gets a little intense as the chances of hemorrhage builds up in mothers. Usually, this happens when the child is born after long labors or mother has had borne multiple children in the past. Take the help of a good gynecologist in Noida, as the gynecologist can help save the lives of both, mother and child.

2. Sore Breasts and Nipples

After postpartum, mother, often, inflict breast infection. The common symptom of breast infection is – redness on the entire breast or at a few areas.

To avert sore nipples, do the following steps.

• After feeding the child, leave the breast open for some time. Stop latching the bra immediately. Let the bosom receive some air.

• Feed the baby a little extra, so that he does not starve or demand milk after small intervals.

• While breastfeeding, reposition yourself to get into a comfortable posture.

Consult a good gynecologist in Noida to treat breast soreness. The gynecologist will prescribe creams and medication after examining the breasts.

3. Breast Engorging

After childbirth, milk starts producing in the breasts after 3 to 4 days. As a result, the breast can get enlarged, hard and sore. This engorging can be eased once the mother begin breastfeeding process. If the pain or discomfort is faced during breast feeding, then consult a good gynecologist in Noida.

4. Painful Mastitis

If a mother is inflicting from breast infection, then she may continue to feed the child as the infection does not affect the milk. In the condition, mothers should drink a lot of water to mitigate bad effects of Mastitis. Also, avert using warm and wet towels on the affected areas as it will alleviate discomfort, instead use cold compresses to reduce congestion. Beside this, avoid latching the bra and let the breast rest in the open.

5. Leaking of breasts

Often, overfull breasts leak due to inconsistent breastfeeding pattern. To avert this, wear soft pads on the breast, while stepping out of the house. The pads can help prevent major breast leakage. Frequently, change pads once the nipples get dried.

6. Problem of Incontinence

After childbirth, mothers often face problem of incontinence. This problem majorly occurs due to prolonged stretching. Normally, vaginal muscles get stretched during child labor, thus it develops poor control over bladder.

Therefore, consult a good gynecologist in Noida and know the right treatments to cure this problem.
According to experts, Kegel exercises can help you prevent this condition. These exercises contract vaginal muscles and thus, strengthen the uterus and urinary bladder.

If you are suffering from any of the above-stated postnatal problem, then immediately contact a good gynecologist in Noida. The gynecologist will scrutinize the body and give medications accordingly. If you are discerning the best gynecologist in town, then visit Nidan Child care. The childcare is in Noida and provides best child physicians and gynecologist.