Pregnancy is the first step towards motherhood. Conceiving transforms women entirely as the transit happens from a female to a mother. Unfortunately, not all women gain the opportunity to enjoy the experience of mothering a child. Infertility marks an end to their dreams. Thus, they lose the hope of becoming a mother. However, through timely consultation with the best gynecologist in Noida, they can prevent infertility. To know what infertility is, let’s uncover what it actually is.

What does Female Infertility Mean?

In simple terms, infertility is a medical condition, wherein a woman is unable to conceive, after trying more than a year. Later, the woman is medically diagnosed and then, a root cause of infertility gets identified. In most of the cases, infertility can’t get treated as the problem or disease becomes severe and thus, damages uterus completely. Therefore, it is recommended to make a prior visit to the best gynecologist in Noida before planning a baby.

Best infertility & gynaecologist doctor

The best gynecologist in Noida will help you know when it is the right time for conception after inspecting you physical as well as mental health. Apart from it, the gynecologist will also help you throughout the gestation process. To reduce the bad effects of sterility, it is important to know what the root causes of infertility are. To ascertain the causes, just read on.

Root Causes of Infertility in Females

Basically, there is not a sole reason as to why infertility happens, but there are many. Some of the root causes of sterility are mentioned below.

1. Destruction of fallopian tubes

Mainly, severe infections like pelvic infection, endometriosis and other chronic diseases damage the fallopian tubes entirely. However, the tubes can be saved from destruction, if proper treatment is received from the best gynecologist in Noida.

2. Hormonal Imbalance

The hormonal imbalance is the common problem that many women suffer, today. The imbalance in the hormones affects the body adversely and leads to the irregular production of eggs in the ovaries.

3. Cervical Problems

The cervical canal is another important thing that plays a crucial role in the conception. The obstruction in this canal averts the sperm from reaching to the fallopian tube. This problem can be treated if the earlier signs are brought to the notice of the best gynecologist in Noida.

To prevent the above-listed problems, it is important to seek the help of the best gynecologist in Noida. The signs and symptoms of these diseases should not be overlooked. They should be immediately brought into the notice of the gynecologist. To know what are the actual signs of infertility, then read the below-mentioned symptoms.

Symptoms of Female Sterility

There is not any external sign that builds a direct relation with infertility. However, there are some conditions that indicate sterility in the females.

Read on, to find out infertility symptoms.

1. Uneven Menstruation Cycle

Irregular menstruation is one of the important signs of infertility. Whether the period comes heavier or lighter, both the conditions are serious and thus, this issue should be brought into the notice of the best gynecologist in Noida.

2. Wide Gaps Between Periods

If there is a wide gap between periods, then don’t think it is normal. The condition is intense and you should immediately consult the best gynecologist in Noida.

3. Uncommon Pain

The uncontrolled pain in the period is common. However, if the pain persists in the sexual intercourse or while urinating, then immediately contact the best gynaecologist in Noida. Seek the advice of gynecologist and take proper treatment and medications.

These symptoms appear in the beginning only. Not all the times, they confirm infertility in women. At times, the problem comes out to be more serious than it is perceived. Thus, it is essential to diagnosis it initially, so that proper treatment can be provided to the mother.

Ways to Detect Infertility in Women

To detect infertility, you have to go through various tests that are advised by the gynecologist. Following are the tests that are conducted to discern infertility.

1. Hysterosalpingography (HSG)

The radiology procedure is followed in this test, wherein the obstruction of the fallopian tube is examined to confirm whether the woman is suffering from infertility or not.

2. Laparoscopy

In this test, a surgery is done to trace if there is an abnormal growth of fallopian tube.

To get these tests done, you have to consult the gynecologist. You can also visit Nidan child care, to consulting the best gynecologist in the town.