There is no doubt that becoming a parent brings a lot of excitement, but at the same time, it can be one of the hardest jobs if it is your first time. And, when it is your first time, you may surely make some mistakes while taking care of your first newborn baby. If you do all those mistakes, you need not feel embarrassed as it is your first time. But learning from mistakes always makes you a better person and learning what mistakes you may make can keep you away from those mistakes. According to the best paediatrician in Delhi, there are some common mistakes that any new parent may make when taking care of the newborn babies. While reading this write-up, you would get to know what those common mistakes are and how to get rid of those mistakes.

Here are some of the common mistakes that any new parent may make while taking care of the newborn babies:

i) Panicking Or Becoming Anxious Over Everything:

It is the most common mistake that almost every new parent makes when taking care of their baby. Because a newborn baby cannot communicate or speak, he or she usually starts crying when feeling cold, stomachache, or when expressing other feelings. Many parents may feel anxious or nervous while watching their baby crying. But as a parent, it is your responsibility to be calm in all such situations. If you are a new parent, you need to learn to handle and understand your baby’s cries.

ii) Trusting Everything You Hear:

When it is your first baby, you will come across many pieces of advice from many of your friends or family members. Even if you don’t ask them for any advice, they may start giving you free suggestions. Some may suggest you it’s okay if your baby sucks his or her thumb, whereas some may suggest you to not let your baby suck the thumb. Rather than listening to their suggestions, it is better to ask the best paediatrician in Delhi what is best for baby’s right health.

iii) Not Providing The Sleep Training To Your Baby:

It is good if you let your child sleeps next to you during the newborn phase so as to protect your baby from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). But as soon as your baby starts growing older, you should provide the proper sleep training to your child. It is better for the parent as soon as they start training their child to sleep alone.

iv) Feeling Stressed About Breastfeeding:

Taking stress about breastfeeding is quite a common thing for a new mother and may make their first experience of breastfeeding a little anxious. There are a lot of mothers who stay restless at night during the first year because of the breastfeeding. A mother can even pump out the breast milk and fill it in the milk bottle so that she could take an extended nap during day or night. Many women have a fear that their baby may wake up after every 2 hours and therefore, they start feeding babies more as compared to the normal days which should not be done at all. Feeding more can be done only when the baby is unwell.

v) Getting Confused About Fever In A Newborn:

Every new parent should know if a child gets a fever over 100.4 in his or her first months, it is an emergency concern and you should rush to the best paediatrician in Delhi. It is quite normal if your baby gets a fever after getting first set of immunizations. Giving any medication before consulting the paediatrician can be one of the biggest mistakes. Make sure to call or visit the paediatrician if you find that the fever of your baby is above 100.4.

vi) Feeding Wrong Portion Size:

Once your baby turns 6-months old, you should start feeding him or her semi-solids that are a great source of nutrition. There are many parents who are not even aware of the right portion size for their babies and feed their babies wrong. When it comes to feeding the little children, make sure to start with the small portions so as to keep the child safe from indigestion, allergies, and choking.

vii) Not Installing The Car Seat Properly:

If you are a new parent, installing a car seat can be quite a challenging task for you. No matter if you buy a right car seat for your kid, you need to ensure that you have installed it in the correct manner so that kid does not have to face difficulty while sitting in the car.

viii) Forcing Baby To Learn Potty Training In The First Year:

There is no doubt that every parent should train their baby in potty training, but training the baby in the first year of his life can be one of the big mistakes that any parent might make. Doing so in the first year may disturb the psychological development of the child. Let your child grow up and let take him or her some time to learn to use the potty.

If you want to serve the better parenting to your kids, ensure to follow the points discussed above and consult the best paediatrician whenever you have some doubt related to the parenting of your kid. Looking out for the best paediatrician in Noida & Delhi? If yes, then Nidan Mother & Child Care is the one-stop solution for you.