The aim of child vaccination is to immunize our children against few of the most life-threatening diseases and infections. In the initial days, there were only 6 different kinds of vaccinations available. With each progressing year, more vaccines are being added to the list. However, there are still a few diseases, the vaccines for which we still need. These diseases include Malaria, Dengue, and HIV. One thing which is worth noting is that each country across the globe has its own schedule of immunization.

In cases you are looking for the immunization schedule in Noida, you can acquire it from a pediatrician or a child specialist nearby. It is also beneficial to consult the best pediatrician in Noida for the schedule of vaccination as certain vaccines might be recommended only keeping in view certain special circumstances. For instance, children suffering from immune compromised conditions, respiratory and kidney diseases might be recommended some additional vaccinations.

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It is very crucial to immunize your child with the help of vaccines at the scheduled time. However, if you unfortunately, miss out a dose or two, you can also check up the schedules for catch-up vaccinations. The child specialist in Noida should thus be consulted in cases your child has missed out any dosage of vaccinations. The power to save your child from various life-threatening diseases is in your hands.

Child Vaccination Schedule for Indian Children:

1) At Birth

During birth after consulting the best pediatrician in Noida, you will need to get your child have BCG, OPV, and HEP – B 1 Vaccines.

2) At 6 Weeks

At 6 weeks after consulting the child specialist in Noida, you will need to get your child the DTP 1, IPV 1, Hep – B 2, Hib 1, Rotavirus 1 and PCV 1 vaccines.

3) At 10 Weeks

At 10 weeks after consulting the pediatrician, you will need to get your child the DTP 2, IPV 2, Hib 2, Rotavirus 2 and PCV 2 vaccines.

4) At 14 Weeks

At 14 weeks after consulting the best pediatrician in Noida you will need to get your child the DTP 1, IPV 3, Hib 3, Rotavirus 3 and PCV 3 vaccines.

5) At 6 Months

At 6 months after consulting your child specialist in Noida, you will need to get your child the OPV 1 and HEP B3 vaccines.

6) At 9 Months

At 9 months, you will need to get your child the OPV 2 and MMR 1 vaccines.

The list of vaccinations that you will need your child to get for the initial 9 months has been mentioned as above. However, the further dosage of immunization should be consulted with your child specialist in Noida. He will also be able to advise you any additional dosages that your child might require.

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Things that Parents Need to Remember at the Time of Vaccination.

Vaccination is a daunting process for both the child and parents. Hence, there are a few things that need to be kept in mind in order to avoid major issues during vaccination and make the process a little easier. Read on to see.

1) Try that none of the schedules for vaccination is missed. In case you happen to miss out on one of them make sure to consult your pediatrician for an alternative.

2) In case your child has developed fever before immunization, you will need to inform the pediatrician as he might need to reschedule the date of vaccination.

3) A few of the child specialists in Noida and everywhere else will give you the option of choosing between painful or painless dosage of vaccinations. As a parent, you will obviously choose the painless dosages. However, make sure that you consult the child specialists of the advantages and disadvantages of both. Painless dosages of vaccines are known to have a faster waning period.

4) It is advisable to take along a family member to assist you during the vaccination of your child.

How to Care for Your Child Post Vaccination.

The thought of taking their child for vaccination is enough to give any parents the chills. The discomfort that babies go through post vaccination cause the strongest of parents to shudder. Here are a few tips to soothe your baby from the after – effects of vaccination:

1) Apply ice – pack: The site of vaccination is likely to get swollen and inflamed soon after the shot. Applying ice-pack on the site will lead to a soothing effect and thus counter the pain.

2) Fever: Your baby will be likely to develop fever soon after the vaccination shot. However, you will need to be patient with it and treat the infant or the kid to a few drops of paracetamol.

3) Sugar Syrup: Sugar syrup will help in diminishing the intensity of the sting and pain caused by the vaccination shot. Hence, it is recommended that you feed your baby sugar syrup after vaccination.

Following all the tips above you will be ready to cope with the challenges associated with child vaccination. Keeping in touch with the child specialist in Noida and consulting him from time to time about the schedules and requisites of vaccination would also be a wise thing to do.