There is no time than present to prepare and organize the essentials for your new bundle of joy. You may think that you have a plenty of time, but the next 6 months will fly before you know. So, the best child specialist in Noida recommends preparing a checklist before in order to avoid the last minute chaos. The doctor explains that there is a lot a woman goes through during pregnancy. And, out of the other important things, preparing for the new arrival of your baby is one of the prime concerns. Right from choosing the cutest clothes, cozy sleep beds to handy feeding accessories, there is a lot of things to consider. To help you buy everything essential for your forthcoming baby, the best child specialist in Noida provides you with the following important things that you must not miss out while preparing a newborn checklist.

best child specialist in Noida

The newborn checklist by the best child specialist in Noida

1. Dressing

It is very exciting to buy the adorable little clothes for your baby, especially when you are shopping it for the first time. Shopping for baby is memorable. It fills you with love and happiness. Where you are excited to buy every cutest pair for your little one, you also want to make sure to save some money and shop wisely. It is always beneficial to buy only the essentials first and the rest can wait until the baby arrives. Here is a list of basic clothes that you must keep ready for the newborn baby.
• Body-hugging sleep suits
• A couple of full-sleeves t-shirts
• A few bottom wear
• A pair of socks
• A box of napkins
• Mittens and Botties
• A pair of baby caps
• A few baby sheets and wraps
• A blanket
• A couple of nappies
Including these, once the baby arrives you can add more according to the need and use of things with your baby.

2. Feeding

Feeding is going to be the most beautiful experience of your life, as it will be for your baby. But, at times, you may need feeding accessories to help you ease the process of latching. Whether you choose to breastfeed extensively or go for the formula milk, you will need the following of everything to make this a comfortable process.
• For Breastfeeding: buy a chic and stylish pair of nursing bras, cozy t-shirts, and comfortable bottom wear. The best child specialist in Noida recommends to buy nipple cream and shields to protect your skin from dryness. A breast pump, manual or automatic.
• For Bottle Feeding: Pick a pair of feeding bottles from one of the leading brands. Buy bottle sterilizer in order to keep them squeaky clean.
• You can also buy breastfeeding pillow to help you support while feeding the newborn baby.

3. Nappy Changing

It won’t take much time to get acquainted with changing your baby’s nappy. Therefore, you need to have everything ready for those few first times. You will need:
• The soft cotton nappies
• A baby rash cream and powder for sore bottom
• A small pack of diapers
• A waterproof sheet or a mat
• A bin to keep away the smelly nappies
The best child specialist in Noida advises to use only the cotton nappies to avoid any skin rash or sore bottom. Use diapers only when you have to visit the doctor for the normal checkup.

Best Child Specialist Noida

4. Bedding

According to National Health Service (NHS), at least for the six months your baby should sleep in your room. So, it is important to shop for:
• A baby crib or Moses basket
• A baby monitor
• Blackout blinds
• Waterproof mattress
• Cozy baby bags
• A pair of swaddles
• A room thermometer

5. Bathing

Your baby will need only a quick top-to-the-tail wash. You can either use a sponge or a cotton wool to do this. And, it won’t take long when your baby will have a good splash of bath with the toys.
• Bathing chair
• Bathing soap
• Baby hair shampoo
• After-bath baby cream
• Soft baby towels
The best child specialist in Noida suggests often the babies are relaxed after having a bath. So, this is the perfect time to trim your baby’s nails. During the initial stage of nursing the baby, the above-mentioned things will really be helpful. Especially for the first-time mothers, keeping this list handy ensure you buy only the ‘essentials’ for the baby, minus the clutter.