Both paediatricians and physicians perform medical check-ups on patients to diagnose the cause of their illnesses and accordingly select a form of treatment for them. Some patients are advised by doctors to undergo surgeries while as others are prescribed medicines to cure the diagnosed medical issues.
Paediatricians specifically treat children and infants hence also known as child specialists. General physicians work in a range of specializations or patients of any age including children and adults. However, they are considered the true specialists of none.
It has been observed that many people in Delhi don’t find it necessary to consult a paediatrician for the treatment of their kids. Instead of looking for the best paediatrician in Delhi, they usually take them to general physicians for treatment.
When you try to explain to them that paediatricians are not just doctors, they are child specialists who treats kids with more precision and accuracy than general physicians can do, most of them don’t take your arguments seriously.
In this blog post, we will tell you how paediatricians are different from general physicians. And, why paediatricians are more ideal doctors when it comes to the treatment of children in hospitals and clinics.

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Here are some basic factors that differentiate the best paediatrician in Delhi from a General Doctor.

1. General physicians serve as little as three months in pediatric training whereas paediatricians spend minimum three years to a maximum of six years in pediatric training. They keep track of every new development in Pediatric sciences and focus on the latest researches and changes in medicine.

2. The best paediatrician in Delhi possesses skills to treat most serious ailments of children with utmost perfection and accuracy. From basic childhood ailments to serious diseases, they are capable to treat a wide range of childhood ailments. They understand the emotional and social development of children and tend to be more effective than general physicians when it comes to treating infants and children.

3. They may not wear white aprons like doctors providing health advice to adult patients but they certainly know how to behave with children and don’t treat them like adults.

4. The best paediatrician in Delhi you will consult understands the health needs of small children and adopt a completely different approach towards their patients. Children often feel anxious and nervous when they realize that they are being taken to a hospital or a doctor’s clinic. Paediatricians are taught in their training institutes how to get over the child’s fear and anxiety.

5. You may have seen paediatricians acting silly with children that is just a part of their training. Since General Physicians have to deal with adults, they don’t receive any such training in their training institutes.

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6. The approach of a doctor towards an adult cancer patient and the approach of a paediatrician treating a child suffering from cancer will be vastly different from each other.

7. The course and prognosis of an illness changes with the age. You will not require the same methods of treatment and medicine to treat a one-year-old kid and a five-year-old kid. But age difference doesn’t matter too much in adult patients. You can make use of the same methods of treatment to treat a 30-year-old boy and a 50-year-old senior citizen.

8. A paediatrician knows it well how to treat a one- year- old kid and a 10- year-old boy who can interact with a doctor.

9. Most of the children learn at an early age that hospitals and clinics are places where doctors can do sneaky and nasty things with them. A paediatrician knows it well how to tackle a child patient. An adult patient can interact with the doctor and his/her face will undergo astounding contortions but it is difficult to read the expressions on the face of a child.
Bottom Line
Because of all these factors, paediatricians are considered more ideal for child care. They are child specialists who understand the body of children in a much better way than the general physicians. So you should always look for the best paediatrician in Delhi for the treatment of your children.