Pregnancy and motherhood care are universal experiences that are unique to every woman. During pregnancy with all that love, care & affection from all over comes some spontaneous advices as well. Everyone you meet will feel free to give you advice on pregnancy- What to eat, How to live etc. However, some of those advices are neither scientific nor safe. So here, we are bringing you some precautions to be taken care of during pregnancy to make your journey of pregnancy happy and healthy for you & your expected baby.

Avoid Bad Habits of Smoking & Alcohol Consumption:

You can give right head start for your baby by taking right nutritional food during pregnancy. Woman’s good health is very essential for the good health of her baby. Healthy lifestyle will directly affect the health of the growing foetus. During pregnancy, you are eating for two . So it is very crucial to eat healthy and cut off your bad habits, like smoking & alcohol consumption. Because there are evidences that have proven that smoking is counterproductive in pregnancy & passive smoking is equally harmful. Consumption of alcohol during pregnancy can lead to growth retardation & malformation in the growing foetus

Avoid Analgesics & Vitamin A Based Supplements:

There are some research based evidences that certain unguided drugs such as analgesics & vitamin A based supplements can lead to certain birth defects. It is essential not to take any medicine without the consultation of your concerned doctor.

Avoid Exposure to Hair Dryer, Microwaves, Electric Blankets:

Various studies have revealed that exposure to electromagnetic waves through electrical appliances are harmful to human health. Studies have shown that excessive exposure to electrical appliances such as oven, hair dryer, microwave, etc can lead to asthma problems to the expected baby.

Limit Caffeine:

Although many people around you will keep on suggesting you never cut down your tea and coffee intake pregnancy, but the fact is you should avoid consuming any drinks containing caffeine. It has been proven through studies that caffeine consumption can increase the risk of miscarriage.

Ward off Fast Foods:

Fast foods are low in fibre & loaded with salt, sugar and fat. Fibre is essential nutrition for energy and also it helps in smooth bowel moments. Putting pressure on your bowel movements during pregnancy may rupture the fetal bag which results in termination of the pregnancy. Also, excess of fats and sugar will directly go to the baby, which can make them obese, or they can develop associated health disorders later in their growing years.

Healthy food and a few precautions can make your journey of pregnancy happy and healthier for you and your expected one.

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