Visiting a general physician might be very normal, but when it comes to seeing a gynaecologist, a sense of tension surrounds us, however small or big issue it may be. We are often scared of seeing a gynaecologist even though it may benefit our health. In women, changes start occurring internally from puberty till she conceives a baby. But that does not mean you will not face any serious or minor problems in your body. You may not feel them, but you never know what your body is going through. In India, especially, a large number of women tend to ignore their health leading to bigger health issues that might or might not pose a major threat to your body or your life!

And while we often tend to run away from visiting a gynaecologist, we will provide you all the right reasons to go for a consultation before it gets too late.

Best Gynaecologist in Noida

  • At The Time Of Pregnancy

Becoming parents for the very first time might sound all exciting and joyous, but at the same time, it brings greater responsibility on both the parents. Pregnancy is the topmost reason why you must visit a best Gynaecologist. For those who may not be aware, Gynaecologists are reproductive specialists and can understand your body more than you. They help you right from the time you enter your first trimester till you hold your baby in your hands. You must, however, make sure to consult the best gynaecologist. Even if you are a resident of Noida which is comparatively less developed and active than Delhi, you still find the best gynaecologist without much trouble.

  • Disturbances in the Menstrual Cycles

Today’s stressful lives have started taking toll on our health. Children or adults, everyone is in the same rut of competitiveness, survival and progression. Whether it’s about scoring better grades or aiming at a promotion at your job, it all brings down your health. Irregular periods may save you from the cramps and pain you might feel during the onset of your cycle, but it is definitely not something happening to you. It is not normal and if you feel changes in the way your menstrual cycle operates, it’s time for you to consult a Gynaecologist. Your family physician or a general doctor might give your medicines but he / she will not be able to find the root cause behind this change. So you need to take out some time, miss a day at the school or college or office and visit a gynaecologist to understand why and what to do in such a case.

  • Some Troubles Happening Down There

Any irregularity in your vagina could be a sign of something as normal as an imbalanced PH level of the vagina or something as serious as a urinary tract infection or vaginal infection which could get worse if not treated on time. So if you feel a burning sensation while urinating, uncontrollable pain or itching, notice blood particles while urinating or an abnormal discharge or the like, then it is a sign you need to go check with a gynaecologist without delay.

  • To Keep A Check On Your Health

A Woman’s body is more sensitive and prone to diseases than that of a man. And a general doctor might not be able to give you the required information about to proceed with the next step. That is why it is always advisable for girls to go for health checkups with gynaecologists and understand their body. According to doctors and medical science, woman aged between 13-21 years must go for checkups with the gynaecologist at least once per annum and as regular as twice or thrice per year above that age bars to keep a check on their body and ensure they stay clear of any health concerns including cancer. This is also known as Pap smear.

  • Maintaining Healthy Relationships for More Transparency

For young girls, especially, discussing their problems are often troublesome. They maybe too nervous or fear from the doctor to reveal their discussions with their parents. And that is why we recommend you to visit the best gynaecologist in Noida or outside to visit every time you plan to get your check up done or treated. This would not only help build strong relationships but also facilitate easy communication between the patient and the doctor which would eventually help your gynaecologist understand your problem better for the righteous treatment.

  • Because You Are Responsible For Your Body, No One Else

Your body is your temple. Everything you do, see, hear or perform any activity is because of your body. And you need to make sure your body is in good condition of performing all tasks you wish to conduct. No one else would ensure the well-being of your body, you need to take up the responsibility. Being a woman is not easy, there are countless challenges you need to face; whether emotionally, physically or spiritually. And your body needs the power to deal with all of this, so why worry from doing what is best for you? At Nidan Child Care, we understand all your needs and provide you with the best gynaecologists in Noida who will be there to assist you right from the first step till the end. Take care!