Gynecologists basically are medical experts that specialize in treating the disorders of the reproductive system of females. A gynecologist could also substitute as an obstetrician who is responsible for their healthy pregnancy and delivery.


Experts advise that women should consult a gynecologist regularly to ensure that the health of their reproductive systems is properly maintained. As soon as a female steps into puberty, it is the right time for her to start consulting a gynecologist as at this time the reproductive organs in their body begin to develop and start growing i.e. those who may be between the ages 13 years to 15 years should already start consulting a gynecologist. On the other hand, for those who miss out can visit them once they become sexually active. Since gynecologists are the experts of reproductive and sexual health, they can answer your most trivial or even taboo queries about the same. You can seek guidance about a number of things related to female health such as menstruation and pregnancy. Women of older ages can consult gynecologists to seek their advice on menopause and hormone replacement therapy if the need be. Consulting your gynecologist regularly during your puberty will later help you in leading a healthy reproductive life.

If you are located in Noida and want to start consulting a gynecologist there, it is likely that you will be prescribed an annual well-woman exam. The obstetrician or the gynecologist will conduct a breast examination in conjugation with pelvic tests during the well-woman exam. The focus lies on inspection of cervix while the pelvic tests are being carried out. An alternated procedure known as Pap Smear also known as Papanicolaou aims at diagnosing the presence of cancer causing cells inside the cervix. Consulting a gynecologist in Noida will be beneficial in detecting the early symptoms of any reproductive system related disorders. Also, they will be able to prescribe you suitable remedies for it. They can also use your blood or tissue cultures for testing your reproductive health.

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Self – awareness is also a great option to detect early symptoms of disorder related to your sexual or reproductive health besides visiting a gynecologist in Noida. In case you feel any knots in your breast, it would be wise to report it to your gynecologist as soon as possible. Once you do so, the gynecologist will detect the presence of cancer causing cells if any by Mammogram which fundamentally is a procedure of X-Ray. The use of the digital imaging software minimizes the risks of incorrect diagnosis or errors in reports. People are differently opined in regards to the frequency of Mammograms that should be carried out throughout the life time of a woman. In accordance with the recommendation from the American Society of Cancer, gynecologist in Noida advise that women till the ages of 40 should undergo this procedure twice and after that, they shall be tested twice to thrice in case cancer causing agents are absent. Biopsies and ultra sound are to follow in case the presence of cancer causing cells are detected.

In case you are having issues conceiving, you can visit infertility treatment center in Noida run by gynecologists. They can also advise you regarding complications in your pregnancy. The gynecologists will help in the detection of abnormalities if any with amniocentesis or ultrasound of your fetus. Other diagnostic procedures such as Chorionic Villus Sampling screens the micro vascular fibrils that play the primary role in placenta formation. An infertility treatment center in Noida can also help you with artificial impregnation procedures such as IVF, etc. Procedures such as laparoscopy, etc. help in the overall diagnosis of the fetus. The artificial impregnation procedures can generally be carried out by gynecs in their clinics. There might be times when they may need to carry them out in outpatient units.

By visiting gynecologist in Noida, you will also help gain awareness against sexually transmitted diseases or STDs. You might be at a risk of an STD in cases of unnaturally pigmented vaginal discharges and lesions. It is wise to report such instances to your gynecologist immediately. The gynec would take a smear of the discharge and diagnose the presence of STD.

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A gynecologist in Noida will also help in the detection of serious diseases such as endometriosis, fibroid tumors and cancer. It can be a really life – saving phenomenon in case such diseases are detected in time. Also, the gynecologist will be able to suggest you the required medication in conjugation with the necessary surgeries.

It is time that you start consulting a gynecologist and advise females in your friends and family to do the same at Nidan Mother and Child Care Centre.