Receiving a good news of pregnancy can be exciting for you as well as your spouse, but learning how to take care of your unborn baby as well as the pregnant woman is much more important. As soon as you confirm that you are pregnant, you should start preparing the checklist of things to do during the first three months of pregnancy. The first three months of your pregnancy can be quite challenging for you as a mother because your baby starts developing during this stage of pregnancy and you need to be extra watchful for the better development of your child. Every woman who wishes to stay healthy all throughout her life prefers to deliver a baby naturally, therefore, you need to first look out for the best gynaecologist for normal delivery of the child.

Here are Some Tips and Things You Should Always Remember During the First Trimester of Pregnancy for the Better Development of Unborn Baby:

i) Look for the Best Gynaecologist:

As soon as you get to know you are pregnant, you need to avail prenatal care from a doctor who would guide you through every step of your pregnancy. It is essential to stay in touch with the best gynaecologist in your city so as to get adequate prenatal care. Women who do not go for the regular checkup are expected to give birth to low weight babies. Therefore, visiting a gynaecologist once or twice in the month is essential for every pregnant woman.

ii) Stay Hydrated:

According to the gynaecologist, it is recommended that drinking more fluids during the early stage of pregnancy is necessary. In order to increase yours as well as your baby’s blood volume, there is a need to drink more and more water. If you do not take enough water during pregnancy, it may lead to several problems like fatigue, constipation, and sometimes preterm labor. Therefore, staying hydrated is essential for a pregnant woman.

iii) Morning Sickness:

According to some research, it has been found that around 90% of women come across some sort of morning sickness or nausea after four to six weeks of conception. To get rid of the morning sickness, it is suggested to have high protein as well as complex carbohydrate diet. Whenever you feel nauseous, you may ease the symptoms by having foods such as saltine crackers, nuts, cottage cheese, peanut butter, or yoghurt.

iv) Taking a Healthy Diet:

It is essential for every pregnant woman to have a healthy diet rich in nutrients that would definitely keep your unborn baby in your womb healthier. The best gynaecologist for normal delivery recommends foods like eggs, fishes, dairy products, whole grains, leafy green vegetables, broccoli, carrot, grapefruit, and apples. Ensure to avoid raw eggs, shellfish, undercooked meat, and unpasteurized cheese.

v) Dealing with Fatigue:

It is really common for every pregnant woman to experience fatigue during pregnancy because your lot of energy is utilized in the growth and development of the baby inside your womb. You may need to sleep and rest more as compared to the normal days. Lift your feet whenever possible and take help from your friends and family members to get more energy during the first trimester.

vi) Stay Healthy by Exercising Regularly:

Lookout for the exercise classes in your locality who offer classes to the pregnant women. Exercising regularly can keep you healthy and it would be a great energy booster for you as well as your baby in the womb. Check with your gynaecologist and ask which exercise is suitable for you during the first trimester.

vii) Change Your Lifestyle:

If you are addicted to smoking or drinking alcohol, ensure to avoid them all during the pregnancy. Smoking and taking alcohol during pregnancy can have the negative effects on the growth and development of a baby in your womb. You should also reduce the coffee intake as the excess of coffee can lead to miscarriage. Therefore, changing lifestyle and eating habits during pregnancy is essential for all pregnant women.

viii) Lookout for the Insurance:

If you have already a health insurance, ensure that it covers the maternity benefits as well. If it does not cover the maternity benefits, get yourself insured so that it not only benefits you during pregnancy but benefits your newborn baby as well. So, it is also of the most important things you should not forget to do during the first or second trimester of pregnancy.

ix) Setting Up a Baby’s Budget:

Sometimes, many pregnant women spend a lot out of excitement during their pregnancy. When you get to know that you are expecting, start setting up a budget for your baby as well as maternity needs. Before buying any new items, remember that your family or friends may also give you those gifts. So, buy items that cannot be ignored anyway.

Looking out for the best gynaecologist for normal delivery is not enough, you need to learn so many things if it is your first baby. Because the first trimester is quite a crucial stage of pregnancy, you need to be extra watchful. If you are searching for the best gynaecologist in Noida, then come to Nidan Mother & Child Care where you will be guided by the best gynaecologist at every step of your pregnancy.