Child Vaccination Centre Noida

Vaccination plays a pivotal role in enhancing the immunity power.It is important to vaccinate a newborn baby so as to prevent the risk of dreadful as well as minor diseases. Vaccines reduce, and in many cases eliminate the risk of many fatal diseases such as Polio, hepatitis, diphtheria, tetanus etc. Vaccination is the best and only way to protect your child from preventable diseases and help in leading a happy as well as healthy life. We at Nidan Child Care take utmost care of what all vaccinations should be provided to a newborn baby.

Importance of Vaccination

While the baby is in the mother’s womb, it develops in a sterile environment but the moment it comes in this world, the immune system starts to work. Newborn babies develop an active immune system just after they enter into this world. An infant is more prone to diseases, effects of bacteria and microorganisms, etc. In the initial 2-3 years of birth, an infant is treated with approximately 11-12 vaccines. A child is in his/her most vulnerable phase during this age and it is very much important to provide all the mandatory vaccinations to the child. At Nidan child care, we take all the steps and provide all the necessary vaccines which are important for the all-round development of the baby.

Nidan child care is one of the best centers for child vaccination in Noida. We work hard in coming up with the optimal vaccination schedules. Being a child vaccination center in Noida we expose the child to vaccinations which are safe and are appropriate. At Nidan Childcare, we have one of the best pediatricians who work in the direction of child health and welfare.

Services provided

We are efficient in providing child vaccination from their birth until 6 months of age. These vaccines are categorized under Birth and neonatal vaccinations. At this age,a newborn is in its most vulnerable stage and needs to be vaccinated with all those vaccines which can cause serious disorders to the child. To prevent the risk of diseases like polio, influenza, hepatitis B, etc. vaccinations for these diseases are provided to the child by Nidan, Vaccination center in Noida.

Not just post-birth neonatal vaccinations, we being one of the prominent centers for child vaccination in Noida are working in giving vaccinations to the children post six months of birthuntil 10-12 years of age. Vaccines for mumps, measles, rubella, etc are given after the age of 6 months and more.

As a responsible center for child vaccination in Noida, we even maintain the track record of a child’s vaccinations. All the vaccinations that are given to the child at Nidan, Vaccination center in Noida are easily traceable through the immunization record. At Nidan, we ensure that everything is maintained without any partiality and the concerned parents should be well aware of the vaccinations provided to their children. As we are a leading vaccination center in Noida, we make sure that the vaccines offered to children are upgraded and totally safe. Immunization specialists at our vaccination center in Noida are working up in holding up some special vaccinations too.

Vaccination of child is one of the most complex tasks and it should always be supported by skilled pediatricians. Rely on our child vaccination in Noida as we have a great team of child specialists. At Nidan child care and vaccination center in Noida, proper and complete vaccination is provided to every child.