Since the third trimester is the “home stretch” of pregnancy, it comes with a lot of stress and worries. As soon as you enter in the third trimester, your belly would look as big as a whale because it is the stage when your baby is actually growing. During the third trimester, a baby does not only grow up, but a baby can be able to taste whatever you eat, start blinking or dreaming, enjoy the sound of your voice, and start delivering some serious kicks. It is the time when you can feel your baby moving. Because your belly gets much bigger, you may find it difficult to take a comfortable sleep. If you belong to Noida, make sure to get yourself checked by the top gynaecologist in Noida on a regular basis to ensure the better health of your baby.Best Gynaecologist in noida

Here are some of the things that you can expect during the third trimester of pregnancy:

i) Fetal Activity:

In the third trimester, your baby inside the womb will be performing a lot of fetal activities like poking, kicking, and the odd limb in the gut. All these activities would make you feel why you are going through all this discomfort.

ii) Continued Breast Growth:

As soon as your third trimester begins, your breasts are likely to grow up to 2 pounds. If you notice a yellow discharge leaking from your nipples, you need not worry at all. It’s normal and it is called as first milk (colostrums).

iii) Abdominal Achiness:

Since your round ligaments get stretched for accommodating your growing bump, it is possible that you may experience sharp or crampy pain. You cannot do anything other than taking it easy.

iv) Shortness of Breath:

There are many pregnant women who complain about the shortness of breath during the last trimester of pregnancy. It usually occurs because your uterus expands and makes it difficult for you to breathe properly. To get rid of shortness of breath while sleeping, there is a need to support your upper torso on pillows so as to enlarge your airway.

v) Heartburn:

During the last trimester of pregnancy, your uterus can push up your stomach that can then cause persistent heartburn. If the heartburn is persistently bothering you, you need to consult the best gynaecologist in Noida as quickly as possible.

vi) Back Ache:

During the third trimester, your baby continues to grow and your lower back may have to bear the effect of excess weight that makes it uncomfortable for you to sit or stand for long periods of time. To stay away from a backache during pregnancy, it is advised to get massage frequently and to wear the flat footwear having cushioned support.

vii) Varicose Veins:

Many women may experience the bulging veins in their lower body because of the extra blood their body pumps during pregnancy. Women who didn’t have these varicose veins before pregnancy, it is possible that the veins are likely to get disappeared after delivering a baby.

viii) Frequent Urination:

As your belly size increases during this trimester, the pressure on the bladder gets automatically increased that leads to the frequent urination. To get rid of any kind of accidental urine leaks, you will have to wear a panty liner.

ix) Crazy Dreams:

When your due date is near, you are going to experience more vivid dreams. If these crazy dreams bother you a lot, you can stay away from these dreams by watching or reading something good before you go to bed at night.

x) Swelling:

Due to fluid retention in the third trimester of pregnancy, you will find swelling in various parts of your body such as calves, hands, feet, and ankles. If you are worried because of the swelling, you can try to perform some physical activities. But because it is your third trimester, you should first consult your gynaecologist before performing any physical exercise.

No matter if you are going to deliver your first baby or second baby, every woman has to go through these things during their third trimester. It is quite normal for a pregnant woman to expect such things during pregnancy. Make sure to stay in touch with the top gynaecologist to confirm the health of a baby inside your womb. Get yourself checked with the best gynaecologist in Noida at Nidan who is well-experienced and well-known for offering the best hospitality.